Litelok Uk Launch International Motorcycle Theft SurveyUnderstanding the Threat: LITELOK Launches International Survey to Combat Motorcycle Theft.

With motorcycle theft on the rise, security brand LITELOK wants to uncover a wider overview of the issue.

Hoping to find out where the hotspots are, LITELOK has launched an international motorcycle theft survey. With customers all over the world, LITELOK wants to discover how they can better address the issue of motorcycle theft.

According to the latest Gitnux Marketdata Report1:

  • In 2018, approximately 40,832 motorcycles were stolen in the United States.
  • 45% of stolen motorcycles are never recovered in the UK.
  • In Australia, motorcycle theft rose by 8.3% in 2019-2020, with 8,254 reported thefts.
  • In 2017, 47% of stolen motorcycles in France were recovered, while 53% were reported as unrecovered.

Talking about the survey, LITELOK Founder and CEO, Prof Neil Barron said:

“We know that a lot of theft data doesn’t accurately reflect what’s happening out there. It’s not always up to date and it can be difficult to gather. It’s usually limited to specific areas. We have customers all over the world and want to know how we can do more against bike theft. Having more data will help us do this.”Litelok Uk Launch International Motorcycle Theft Survey

LITELOK have also launched a bicycle theft survey in conjunction with the bicycle theft survey to better serve their entire customer base.

To complete the survey, please visit the LITELOK website. Share your insights and make a difference in the ongoing battle against motorcycle theft.

The survey will run from 31 May until the end of July 2024. Participants have the opportunity to win a LITELOK X1 for taking part.

1: Must-Know Motorcycle Theft Statistics [Latest Report]

You can find each survey here:

Bike Survey:

Moto Survey:


Founded in 2013, LITELOK proudly offers the world’s lightest insurance-rated bike locks.

LITELOK set the standard in anti-theft locks thanks to revolutionary design and innovative technology. Working with some of the world’s leading material scientists and engineers, they aim to continually advance their technical expertise. All products are manufactured to last and rigorously tested to exceed industry standards and surpass independent security tests.

Launched by Professor Neil Barron, LITELOK is a dynamic tech-driven company that exists to protect people’s much-loved bikes and create high-quality employment and manufacturing opportunities in the UK.

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