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Launch Of The Roof Boxxer 2 Modular HelmetLaunch of the Roof Boxxer 2 modular helmet, between heritage and innovation.

It is a revolution in continuity. The long-awaited renewal of an iconic helmet model for generations of bikers. Don’t we all have in our hearts a Boxer that we have one day seen, worn, sometimes never left again?

For the year of its 30th anniversary, Claude Morin and the entire ROOF product development team worked to launch the ROOF Boxxer 2. A notable development without altering the style of a model whose appeal defies the laws of time.

Almost 30 years after its birth, the star 180° modular helmet from the French manufacturer ROOF is evolving, for our greatest pleasure…and yours.

Launch Of The Roof Boxxer 2 Modular HelmetSwitching to the new standard: an engineering challenge
The new E22.06 standard is a challenge, especially for modular helmets. The new impact and tearing tests are forcing manufacturers to reinforce the shell of their modular helmets, without ever making the safety offered by E22.05 helmets obsolete. Result, for a majority of the models launched or under development, an increase in volume and weight gain… But not for the ROOF Boxxer 2.

Indeed, to face this technological challenge and not change the size and weight of the helmet following the transition to the new standard, ROOF was inspired by the technology embedded in its high-end racing helmet, the ROOF RO200 Carbon . Thus, several distinct cushioning zones have been developed in order to save the necessary grams while maintaining a level of safety that is difficult to match for a modular helmet.

Launch Of The Roof Boxxer 2 Modular HelmetDouble approval: the development of a specific patent.
The new E22.06 standard also requires equipment manufacturers to offer a system, on their modular helmets, allowing the chin guard to be kept open in the Jet position during all tests. This is to prevent possible risks of injury if the chin guard closes suddenly, during an impact, for example.

ROOF therefore worked on these specifications also having the objectives of taking into consideration the particular case of new rotational impact tests, and also of proposing a discreet, retractable device, which provides a plus in terms of design . Thus, the exclusive patented FlexLocker system was born.

Launch Of The Roof Boxxer 2 Modular HelmetDesigned as a security and differentiation accessory.
While looks and designs are a matter of choice, the same must not be true for safety and comfort in everyday use. After having produced more than a million modular helmets in 30 years, ROOF has been able to develop its iconic product, to constantly adjust safety and comfort. The main product characteristics in terms of insulation, already present on the previous generation, can be found on the ROOF Boxxer 2. The only modular fiberglass helmet on the market has also seen its ventilation systems evolve and the design of the side panels offering increased soundproofing and comfort.

Also possible on the previous generation, the installation of an intercom is, on the ROOF Boxxer 2, even easier thanks to slots provided for this purpose, in particular for one of the best sellers on the market.

Resolutely modern
The evolution of design is played out in the details. Tighter lines, running edges on the shell and the chin guard, give the ROOF Boxxer 2 a modern and sporty style.

The choice of colors for this ROOF Boxxer 2 was based on current trends in design and also pop culture.

The ROOF Boxxer 2 helmet will be offered at the recommended retail price of €499 from September 4, 2023.

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