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Latest Kawasaki Motorcycles News

Latest Kawasaki News continued

Unleashing Nostalgia: Discovering The Allure Of The Kawasaki⁢ Z900rs

Unleashing Nostalgia: Discovering the Allure of the Kawasaki⁢ Z900RS

Many thanks to Alfs Motorcycles (particularly Mick/Dave) in Worthing, West Sussex for the loan of bike for the day. I have to say I love the retro look and feel of the Kawasaki z900RS...
Kawasaki Unveils The Latest Array Of 2024 Models

Kawasaki unveils the latest array of 2024 models

While 2023 might still be in full swing, Kawasaki is already looking ahead to next year, announcing today a raft of 2024 models set to be arriving in the UK over the coming months. From...
Kawasaki Uk Announces “summer Test Ride Rewards” Promotion

Kawasaki UK announces “Summer Test Ride Rewards” promotion

With the summer riding season in full swing, Kawasaki UK is excited to announce a new promotion that offers riders a saving on their new bike if they book a test ride on it...
Kawasaki Enters 2023 With An Array Of New Colours

Kawasaki enters 2023 with an array of new colours

In a period of consistent and high demand, Kawasaki is excited to be announcing its range of carryover models for the 2023 season, with the new models hitting the showrooms soon. Alongside the previously...
Kawasaki Celebrates Half A Century Of The Z Family

Kawasaki celebrates half a century of the Z family

Fifty years after the very first Z model broke cover, Kawasaki has announced no less than four Z50 celebration models. With the iconic 1972 Super Four model Z1 as great, great grandparent, the four...
Retrovolution Begins With 2022 Kawasaki Z650rs

Retrovolution begins with 2022 Kawasaki Z650RS

Kawasaki will start a Retrovolution in 2022 with the introduction of the new Z650RS. Augmenting its already hugely popular retro sport line, the Z650RS will open the mid-capacity class to a wide range of...
Vulcan S Cruises Into 2022 In Style

Vulcan S cruises into 2022 in style

Style never goes out of fashion and the 2022 Vulcan S is set to make the hearts of both those who are already embedded in the cruiser bike scene beat faster as well as...
Z900rs Se Yellow Ball Available For 2022

Z900RS SE Yellow Ball available for 2022

Re-energising one of Kawasaki’s most sought-after paint schemes from the 1970’s, for 2022 the new Z900RS SE model will be available in the classic “Yellow Ball” livery of the original 1972 Super Four, model...
Discover Kawasaki’s 2021 Range As Dealer Demo Day Returns

Discover Kawasaki’s 2021 range as Dealer Demo Day returns

After the incredibly popular Dealer Demo Day events in 2020, Kawasaki is pleased to announce a brand new run of events for 2021. The twenty date tour takes in authorised Kawasaki dealers across the...
W800 Rides The Crest Of The Retro Wave

W800 rides the crest of the retro wave

In fact, 2021 will mark exactly fifty-five years since the original W1 650 was available as Kawasaki’s first foray in the “big bike” market of the USA. At the time, the largest capacity machine...
Kawasaki Adds Two New Z900rs Options In 2021

Kawasaki adds two new Z900RS options in 2021

One of motorcycling’s outstanding success stories of the recent past, the Z900RS has found equal favour with not just those new to the delights of retro riding but also enthusiasts who actually own the...
Z900rs And Z900rs Cafe Adopt New Colours For 2020

Z900RS and Z900RS CAFE adopt new colours for 2020

Like their 1970’s forebears that were unveiled in new and exciting colour options in each successive year, both the Z900RS and Z900RS CAFE have a vibrant new look for the 2020 season. After only a...
New 2019 Kawasaki W800 Street And W800 Cafe Unveiled For First Time In Europe At 2018 Motorcycle Live

New 2019 Kawasaki W800 Street and W800 CAFE unveiled for first time in Europe...

Earlier this month Kawasaki revealed plans to revive one of the most enduring and identifiable Kawasaki brands in the form of the new W800 Street and W800 CAFE parallel twin, air-cooled motorcycles. We are pleased...
Street Or Cafe - Kawasaki Adds To The W Legend At Eicma

Street or CAFE – Kawasaki adds to the W legend at EICMA

One of the most enduring and identifiable Kawasaki motorcycle families, the Kawasaki parallel twin, air-cooled W stable will house two more thoroughbreds in 2019 bearing the names W800 Street and W800 CAFE. Having little in...
Kawasaki Z900rs Custom Paint Competition

Kawasaki Z900RS Custom Paint Competition

Kawasaki Motors UK has created 6 unique ‘True Spirit Designs’ and will ask the public to choose their favourite through social media, the K.World App and the national website. The final design will be...

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