Harley-davidson Pushes Ev Technology To The Edges Of The Earth With The 2020 Livewire Motorcycle

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire® model is an exhilarating electric motorcycle that pushes the boundaries of performance, technology and design in the two-wheel world. When an opportunity presented itself to Harley-Davidson to showcase the LiveWire motorcycle’s capabilities and performance in the most extreme conditions, H-D seized the challenge for the unheralded 13,000 mile off-road trek. The process to accomplish this journey is documented through Harley-Davidson’s podcast series.

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This six-part series documents how near-production LiveWire models were modified to shred dirt roads, single track, and desert trails over 13,000 miles of extreme off-road conditions.

“Harley-Davidson stands for the timeless pursuit of adventure,” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO, Harley-Davidson. This podcast series is a premier showcase for how Harley-Davidson’s talented staff of engineers and designers go above and beyond in their mission to create motorcycles that unlock adventures wherever they may lead. These efforts can be experienced in the 2020 LiveWire – a shining example of how Harley-Davidson innovates to lead in the electrification of motorcycling. It’s an experience that can only be truly understood after riding it.”

Utilising the same talented Harley-Davidson engineers and designers that developed the LiveWire motorcycle, a select group was assembled from the broader development team to modify near-production LiveWire models to complete the journey.

Together, this team designed, modified, and assembled a motorcycle in under 30 days. After initial testing, the team incorporated feedback to finalise ergonomic and storage systems on the bikes. In 60 days, the motorcycles were headed to the southern tip of Argentina.

The modified LiveWire motorcycles used production specification RESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage System) hardware, chassis, and Harley-Davidson Revelation™ powertrain components.  In addition, the motorcycles were modified with prototype rotors, wheels, and tyres from the upcoming Harley-Davidson Pan America™ adventure touring motorcycle, and custom windshield, rear shock, and triple clamps made specifically for this project.

Before delivery, both modified LiveWire motorcycles were evaluated at Harley-Davidson’s Willie G. Davidson Product Development Center for initial testing and ridden under similar development validation conditions at Harley-Davidson’s Proving Grounds facility.

In recent weeks, the LiveWire has been put through its paces closer to home with hundreds of UK customers getting to grips with the electric machine as part of a LiveWire Tour at specialist Harley-Davidson UK EV dealers. Riders and non-riders have tried out the motorcycle on the innovative Jumpstart® rolling road with most licence holders choosing to extend the experience with a full demo ride.

There’s just one opportunity left to book limited slots on the LiveWire Tour at Leeds Harley-Davidson® on Saturday 3rd October, but for those who miss out, you can still experience the thrill and seamless acceleration of the motorcycle at the centre of the adventure, with a pre-booked test ride at an authorised, specialist LiveWire Harley-Davidson® dealership near you.

Harley-davidson Pushes Ev Technology To The Edges Of The Earth With The 2020 Livewire Motorcycle