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Deus Ex Machina And Catawiki To Host Exclusive Motorcycle AuctionAs we step into spring, dust off the cobwebs and open our garages, Catawiki and Deus Ex Machina have announced that they are joining forces for a second time for an exclusive online auction.

Deus Ex Machina, renowned for their expertly-crafted custom parts and hand-built motorcycles, have only made their unique creations available on an auction once before, also through Catawiki. The custom bikes in the upcoming auction, each completely unique and recently crafted in the Milano workshop, can typically only be ordered privately and so this online auction, only on Catawiki, is an exceptionally rare moment. For the first time, the custom bikes are joined by vintage bikes from the Deus garage, these classics are owned and used on a regular basis by Deus Ex Machina partners: who are not only entrepreneurs but also riders, bike enthusiasts or collectors.

Launching on Friday 22 March, the auction features 18 bikes, eight of which are Deus Customs and four of those are available without a reserve price. Of the custom bikes, the auction includes a custom Fantic Caballero 500, “Deus Fuoristrada”estimated between €10,000 – €12,000 euro with no reserve price. Works carried out in the Deus workshop in Milano include, swingarm modification and new FTX suspension, custom vintage style saddle in handmade eco-leather and a 70s rubber licence plate holder. Another bike without a reserve is “The Deus Milano Street Tracker”, a 1983 Yamaha SR500 estimated at 8,000 – 10,000 euros. The addition of an Ohlins rear shock absorber, 19′ Excel rims and a UFO headlight mask are amongst recent Deus adaptations.

Deus Ex Machina And Catawiki To Host Exclusive Motorcycle AuctionAlessandro Rossi, Deus Ex Machina Director said, We’re kick starting spring with enthusiasm. All of the bikes in this auction are incredibly special and unique and there is a history behind each one. I want to emphasise the fact that these bikes are not only collectable but are ready to be used and we are excited to welcome them to this auction.”

The Catawiki and Deus Ex Machina auction takes place just a few days after the beginning of spring, marking the perfect time for motorcycle enthusiasts to reopen and even add to their own garages as the weather warms up. Last August Catawiki saw a 60% rise in motorcycle sales on the platform compared to the previous year, and this auction gives fans the chance to get ahead of the summer rush.

Deus Ex Machina And Catawiki To Host Exclusive Motorcycle AuctionCatawiki Senior Motorcycle Expert Davide Marelli said,This is not only an auction but a celebration of a lifestyle. With Deus Ex Machina, we are bringing their cutting-edge design and street-honest industrial art to Catawiki’s passionate global community of motorcycle enthusiasts, just in time for these bikes to hit the roads over the summer months.”

The auction builds on the success of the inaugural 2022 collaboration which saw the sale of a Swank Rally XSR, a Yamaha XSR700and a Yamaha Teneré, which went for €24,000 and €22,000 respectively.Deus Ex Machina And Catawiki To Host Exclusive Motorcycle Auction

This exclusive auction is live from 22 March 8 PM CET – 2 April 8 PM CET exclusively on Catawiki. 

Deus Customs

Deus Fuoristrada (Fantic Motor – Caballero 500), 2000

Estimate: €10,000 – €12,000, NO RESERVE

Deus Checkmate (BMW NineT 1200), 2022

Estimate: €20,000 – €23,000

Deus Double Mate (Husqvarna 701), 2023

Estimate: €10,000-11,000

Deus Milano Street Tracker (Yamaha SR500), 1983

Estimate: €8,000-10,000, NO RESERVE

Deus x Cake (Electric Cake, Kalk In), 2023

Estimate: €9,000-11,000

Deus 600, (Yamaha XT600), 1986

Estimate: €8,000 – €9,000, NO RESERVE

Deus Vivaldi Tracker (KTM EXC 525), 2003

Estimate: €10,000 – €12,000, NO RESERVE

Deus Amsterdam MK II (Kawasaki W650), 2006

Estimate: €10,000 – €12,000

Deus Vintage Garage (images)

SWM 125, 1978

Estimate: €6,000-7,000

Yamaha 465, 1981

Estimate: €8,000-10,000

Hercules 125, 1971

Estimate: €4,500-€6,000

Kawasaki Mach III 500, 1973

Estimate: €9,000-10,000

KTM GS 350, 1987

Estimate: €3,500-4,000

Bultaco Astro 360, 1976

Estimate: €9,000-11,000

Greeves 175, 1972,

Estimate: €6,000-7,000

Ducati 851 Monoposto DI serie, 1989

Estimate: €12,000-14,000

KTM 450 EXC, 2003

Estimate: €6,000-7,000

Kawasaki KLR 600, 1986

Estimate: €5,000-6,000

About Catawiki

Catawiki is the leading online platform for special objects that fulfil people’s passions. More than 75,000 items are offered for auction each week, each examined and selected by one of Catawiki’s hundreds of in-house experts specialising in art, design, jewellery, fashion, classic cars, collectables and much more. Catawiki is headquartered in Amsterdam and has over 750 employees worldwide. Express your passion on catawiki.com or download the app.

About Deus Ex Machina 

Deus Ex Machina is a step bigger than a brand: it’s a culture. Its openness and enthusiasm strike a chord with people, wherever they are. Deus (“day-us”) didn’t set out only to sell custom parts and hand-built motorcycles, but to celebrate a culture of creativity in its apparel collection, stores and cafe.

The Deus philosophy recalls an era before the various pursuits of fun – motorcycling, surfing, skateboarding, whatever – were marketed into fundamentalist factions. All are welcomed under the Deus roof, where there’s simply respect for the honesty and enjoyment of the machine. Inclusiveness, authenticity, enthusiasm. It’s a simple and sincere pitch that has winged Deus Ex Machina across the world. Deus Ex Machina says simply there’s no ‘right way’ to do individualism, it’s all the same juice. Currently, there are 14 Deus flagships worldwide: SYDNEY | BALI | L.A. | MILAN | TOKYO | BIARRITZ | IBIZA | AMSTERDAM | CAPE TOWN | BERLIN | SEOUL | SAO PAULO | BORDEAUX | BOSCOMBE. Each with its unique feel and style but the one thing that remains the same is the culture that Deus instils.