Breaking Boundaries: Two Decades Of Innovation With Cardo SystemsThis year, Cardo Systems – a global leader in wireless communication systems for groups in motion – is celebrating its illustrious history as it marks its 20th anniversary with a year-long series of exciting events and launches.

A brand born – and grown – from innovation, since launching the first wireless Bluetooth communication device for motorcyclists in 2004, the Scala Rider, the company has been fully committed to the brand’s passion to ‘make your ride exceptional’. Through purposeful innovation, Cardo empowers riders, adventure seekers and professionals with cutting-edge communication, safety and sound.

Continually setting new standards, Cardo has earned a reputation for excellence through its range of industry-leading products with its numerous products benefitting from the wealth of experience and knowledge from the brand.

Breaking Boundaries: Two Decades Of Innovation With Cardo SystemsOn its 20-year pursuit, Cardo has continuously been creating, inventing and introducing brand-new technology. Moving the industry along, keeping up with customer wants and needs, and developing its own four differentiators in the market: Sound by JBL, Natural Voice Operation, 100% Waterproofness and proven Dynamic Mesh Communication connectivity. Along the way, the brand has achieved numerous world firsts, including:

2004: World’s first motorcycle Bluetooth headset

2005: World’s first built-in FM radio and automatic volume control

2007: World’s first rider-to-rider intercom – with a range of 700m/0.45mi

2009: World’s first long-range intercom and first to offer internet firmware upgrades

2012: World’s first music sharing

2015: World’s first ‘Mesh’ device – the first motorcycle communicator to go beyond Bluetooth and introduce Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) –

2018: World’s first Natural Voice Operation with direct access to ‘Hey Siri’ and ‘OK Google’

2019: World’s first embedded premium audio system in partnership with JBL

2020: World’s first Outdoor Mesh Communicator with the introduction of the PACKTALK Ski

2021: World’s first over-the-air software updates for communication devices

2022: World’s first Air Mount – launched on the PACKTALK EDGE – allowing the communicator to effortlessly attach to the helmet, securely staying in place with a simple yet effective magnetic connection

Breaking Boundaries: Two Decades Of Innovation With Cardo SystemsAs well as reaching new standards, Cardo has invested in the resources required to surpass them even further. Cardo’s acquisition of RISER – the ultimate motorcycle all-in-one community platform – and establishment of its own dedicated Sound Labs in Straubing, Germany, mark significant strides towards enhancing and enriching the user experience further.

Reflecting on the company’s remarkable journey to date, Alon Lumbroso, CEO of Cardo Systems, comments: “From what started as a ‘simple’ idea, to pioneering an entire industry and becoming a global leader selling in over 100 countries is remarkable. 

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic community, dedicated employees across the globe and strategic partners who have – and continue – to contribute to the success of Cardo and make it the brand it is today.” 

Expanding on the brand’s knowledge and experience in the motorcycle market, Cardo’s commitment to innovation has driven its expansion beyond the boundaries and into new industries, to introduce product ranges to create communication solutions for ‘groups in motion’. In 2020, Cardo launched the first Outdoor Mesh Communicator with the introduction of the PACKTALK Ski and has since brought specialised products for outdoor pursuits to the market and as a result, has welcomed diverse use applications to the portfolio.

Building on its rich history of breaking boundaries, Cardo Systems is committed to continuing to shape the future of communication technology. Be part of the journey and join the #CardoFam.

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