Borgo Panigale Experience: all the new features of the visit to the factory and the Ducati Museum

Borgo Panigale Experience: All The New Features Of The Visit To The Factory And The Ducati MuseumDucati is expanding the offer of the Borgo Panigale Experience, the itinerary created for all enthusiasts who wish to immerse themselves in the Ducati universe by exploring the 97 years of history of the brand, its present and its future.

The Borgo Panigale Experience includes entry to the Ducati Museum, where enthusiasts can admire the bikes that have made the history of the Company, and a guided tour of the factory, which allows everyone to walk among the production lines and observe how the bikes of their dreams are crafted.

From October, the visit to the factory also includes the new “Finitura e Delibera Estetica” building , where visitors will be able to observe the last phase of the production cycle which consists of the final dressing of the bikes, carried out by Ducati with a sartorial approach. In this step, parts such as fairings and covers are assembled. Finally, each bike is carefully inspected to ensure that it is perfect from an aesthetic point of view, with the aim of ensuring the highest quality standards that distinguish Ducati.

The new space was inaugurated in December 2022 and covers a total area of 4,400 m². The building was designed with particular attention to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, it is in fact classified as NZEB, or “Nearly Zero Energy Building”, indicating almost zero energy consumption, powered mainly by renewable sources.

Furthermore, thanks to the success of the Discovery Tours in the company of the Curator of the Ducati Museum Livio Lodi , expert and history enthusiast, the Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer has decided to further expand the calendar of events. During this extraordinary experience, participants will be accompanied on an exciting journey through the rooms that preserve the legacy of Ducati, discovering details and anecdotes that make the history of the Company unique.

The new dates to visit the Ducati Museum with the Curator and his narratives have been scheduled for 21 October, 18 November and 2 December. Each day there is a tour in English and one in Italian.

All information on opening times, type of tours and bookings for the Ducati Museum and the factory is available in the section dedicated to the Borgo Panigale Experience on the Ducati website.

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