2024 Honda Cb125fRefreshed for 2021, Honda’s perennially popular entry-level CB125F’s standard specification centres around its low friction eSP (‘enhanced Smart Power’) engine that delivers outstanding fuel economy while maintaining strong 125cc performance. The bodywork takes styling cues from bigger CB stablemates, and equipment includes an LED headlight, centre stand and digital dash with ECO meter.

For 24YM, the CB125F receives a new muffler, new rear pillion grab handle and two new exciting colours. 2024 Honda Cb125f

  1. Introduction

An entry-level 125cc motorcycle has to be a multi-faceted machine. To some it represents the most economical way of getting from A to B, both in terms of initial affordability and running costs. To these riders it must be durable, easy to live with and economical: simple, trouble-free transport at its most fundamental.

But to many new riders a 125 is the start of their motorcycling adventure, their first ‘real’ bike. So, it must deliver all of the above, plus everything else that a motorcycle should – the excitement, freedom and instinctive pleasure that two wheels bring to everyday life. Yet it also has to be easy for a novice to manage as they learn, with a build quality and styling that instil tangible pride of ownership.

For any manufacturer, welcoming and introducing fresh entrants to their brand is important. The right initial experience can lead to a lifelong association, and the CB125F has long served this function for Honda – a tough, user-friendly entry-level motorcycle that offers the perfect first rung on the ladder. The CB125F was a new model name for Honda in 2015; it maintained the previous CBF125’s core strength of robust simplicity but built strongly on that strong foundation in terms of quality, ease of use and style.

For 2021 the CB125F was renewed again, with a complete refresh that made it even more desirable and cost effective. The CB125F is a great bike to simply get you where you need to be – or from where to begin the ride of a lifetime.2024 Honda Cb125f

  1. Model Overview

The CB125F is a serious small machine, whose original development involved the filing of no fewer than 19 patent applications. It offers outstanding fuel economy from its air-cooled enhanced Smart Power (eSP) engine, while maintaining excellent 125cc performance.

The 21YM update saw the CB125F lose 11kg thanks to the new engine, a redesigned frame and an up-to-date, big-bike re-style that featured an LED headlight and revised digital dash.

The 24YM CB125F will be available in the following colour options:

**NEW** Imperial Red Metallic

**NEW** Matt Marvel Blue Metallic

Black2024 Honda Cb125f

  1. Key Features

3.1 Engine

  • Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) engine offers outstanding fuel economy, with no loss of performance
  • Low friction technologies include offset cylinder, needle bearings for the roller/rocker arms and piston oil jet
  • ACG starter generates electricity and contributes greatly to the engine’s 7kg weight loss over the previous model
  • 5-speed gearbox and sealed final drive chain

The CB125F’s air-cooled, 124cc 2-valve SOHC single-cylinder eSP (‘enhanced Smart Power) EURO5-specification engine has been engineered from its inception to maintain optimum performance for busy urban streets but with extra, serious frugality and supreme reliability.

Peak power of 8kW is delivered @ 7,500rpm, with peak torque of 10.9Nm @ 6,000rpm.  Bore and stroke is set at 50 x 63.1mm, with compression ratio of 10.0:1. Standing start acceleration over 200m 12.4s, but more importantly, the fuel efficiency is 66.7km/l, giving a potential range of over 700km from the 11L fuel tank.

Honda has developed its eSP engines – and the engineering that goes into them – on a growing range of 125cc scooters over the last 8 years. The focus is around building in, from a clean sheet, low-friction technology to every facet of the engine.

And it starts with weight. The 2021 upgrade reduced the weight of the eSP engine by 7kg. Its cylinder is offset, reducing friction between the piston skirt and bore, while the piston itself is cooled by an oil jet from underneath, again reducing friction. Valve operation is via rocker-roller arms equipped with needle bearings.

An Alternating Current Generator (ACG) is also part of the eSP formula and combines electricity generation with starting duties, saving weight while simplifying layout. The effort needed to start the engine is reduced thanks to a swing-back system that returns the crank to its position before air intake – giving the engine a ‘running’ start – and a decompression mechanism that negates cranking resistance due to compression. In use the ACG starter is extremely quiet. The gearbox is 5-speed and final drive is via sealed chain.2024 Honda Cb125f

3.2 Chassis, Styling & Equipment

  • Lightweight tubular steel frame; twin rear shocks are preload adjustable
  • Sharp style gives big-bike presence and CB family DNA
  • The nose fairing houses an LED headlight and digital dash
  • Wet weight of only 117kg
  • New shorter muffler, with new stylish chrome protector
  • New aluminium pillion grab handle

The CB125F’s tubular frame uses high-tensile steel in its construction. It suspends the engine from a sturdy central spine and features geometry that provides the best balance between ride comfort and straight-line stability, with a focus toward light steering input and sporty feel at all lean angles. Rake and trail are set at 26° and 92.4mm, with wheelbase of 1280mm and wet weight is only 117kg.

Dual rear shocks offer 5-step spring preload adjustment and complement the 30mm diameter telescopic fork’s compliance and ride quality; stylish 18-inch die-cast aluminium split-spoke front and rear wheels increase stability and ride quality over rough city streets. Tyres are sized 80/100 front and 100/80 rear. A 240mm front disc is worked by a single piston caliper, with back up from the 130mm rear drum. The Combined Braking System means that activation of the rear brake also applies some braking force to the front.

The CB125F wears aggressive styling, with echoes of larger bikes in the CB family. The broad-shouldered fuel tank and silver-finished shrouds in particular take their cues from the CB-R Neo Sports Café family, while the angular nose fairing and blacked-out fly screen provide some wind deflection, and a sharper attitude. It also houses a LED headlight and digital dash that displays the information that matters, including a gear position indicator as well as real-time and average fuel economy, distance to empty and ECO indicator, for when riding in the most efficient way. The start/stop button is an integrated switch as is the high beam/passing switch.

The engine, exhaust downpipe, fork lowers and wheels are blacked out, underlining the strong lines and bold paintwork. The muffler too, 45mm shorter for 24YM, is blacked out and finished in a new near full length chrome heat shield. Bright red detailing is to be found on the shock springs and spark plug HT cap. Other quality finishing touches include 3D Honda Wings on the shrouds and mirror/indicator shaping that emulates the design language of the whole machine.

With its intended use as an everyday commuter, gateway machine to the world of motorcycling – and riding school stalwart – the CB125F’s riding position is upright and relaxed, with forward-set footpegs and wide tubular handlebars giving optimum control, rider confidence and all-round visibility. Seat height is 15mm higher at 790mm and offers room for two adults comfortably; a passenger grab rail is also standard, now made of aluminium for 24YM for a premium look and feel, as is a centre stand.2024 Honda Cb125f

  1. Technical Specifications
Type Air cooled 4 stroke OHC single
Displacement 124cc
No of Valves per Cylinder 2
Bore & Stroke 50 x 63.1mm
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Max. Power Output 8kW @7,500rpm
Max. Torque 10.9Nm @ 6,000rpm
Noise level (dB) 73.5dB(Lwot) 71.8dB(Lurban)
Oil Capacity 1L
Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Fuel Tank Capacity 11L
Fuel Consumption (WMTC) 66.7 Km/L
CO2 Emissions WMTC 34 g/km
Battery Capacity 12V-5A・h
Clutch Type Wet, multiplate with coil springs
Transmission Type 5 speed
Final Drive Chain
Type Tubular steel
Dimensions (L´W´H) 2015mm x 750mm x 1100mm
Wheelbase 1280mm
Caster Angle 26°
Trail 92.4mm
Seat Height 790mm
Ground Clearance 160mm
Kerb Weight 117KG
Turning radius 2.04m
Type Front 30mm telescopic
Type Rear Dual shocks – 5 stage preload
Type Front 18in five spoke aluminium
Type Rear 18in five spoke aluminium
Tyres Front 80 / 100 18M/C
Tyres Rear 100/80 18M/C
System Type CBS
Type Front 240mm single disc with single piston caliper
Type Rear 130mm drum
Instruments Speedometer, milometer, fuel gauge, rpm counter, gear position indicator
Headlight LED
Taillight LED


2024 Honda Cb125fAll specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice

Please note that the figures provided are results obtained by Honda under standardised testing conditions prescribed by WMTC. Tests are conducted on a rolling road using a standard version of the vehicle with only one rider and no additional optional equipment. Actual fuel consumption may vary depending on how you ride, how you maintain your vehicle, weather, road conditions, tire pressure, installation of accessories, cargo, rider and passenger weight, and other factors.