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RST Tracktech EVO 4 Short Glove Review

Rst Tracktech Evo 4 Short Glove ReviewWe get to try and wear the RST Tracktech EVO 4 Short Glove with many thanks to RST Moto head to the official RST website rst-moto.com for more info.

Gloves form the essence of any motorbike gear and they not only protect hands in case of an impact but also provide a firm grasp of the handlebar and other vital controls. Here, we will introduce you some of the best budget-friendly bike gloves whose quality even matches some of the higher-priced gloves.

Rst Tracktech Evo 4 Short Glove ReviewWe are talking about the recently launched RST’s Tracktech EVO 4 short glove, these gloves are an upgraded version of the previous year’s Tracktech EVO R and as evident by the name are a shorter version of Tracktech EVO 4 gloves. The gloves combine all the key features of its big brother into a smaller size and thus are a great choice for people who aren’t comfortable in gloves that extend further up the arm. Further, the smaller size provides increased maneuverability without compromising any comfort.

The build quality far exceeds the price point at which these gloves are offered. The main glove is made out of a combination of pure cowhide and kangaroo leather, whereas, the rather large knuckle protectors are manufactured from carbon. The use of carbon provides impressive strength yet adds little to the overall weight. Special Kevlar used on the palm resists heat generated as a result of sliding along the tarmac and the double-layered kangaroo leather provides excellent resistance against abrasion. The fingers’ base is connected to stretchable elastic joints that provide additional flexibility without compromising the overall fitting.Rst Tracktech Evo 4 Short Glove Review

The long list of features does not end here. The glove has some more amenities under its hook. The exterior has been perforated to provide maximum airflow in order to get rid of the heat and sweat created by the thick leather. The back panel has been layered with memory foam that gets molded according to one’s hand and hence provides superior comfort. The fingertips are stitched with digital leather panels that not only provide enhanced grip but also make the glove somewhat touchscreen friendly.Rst Tracktech Evo 4 Short Glove Review

RST’s Tracktech EVO 4 short glove is available in two different color schemes. One is entirely black, while, the other one has black contrasts upon an entirely white color scheme.

The short glove is ideal for use both on the road and the racetrack and provides impressive protection to every part of the hand at a highly affordable price point.

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Rst Tracktech Evo 4 Short Glove Review

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