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OptiMate Portable Battery Monitors

Optimate Portable Battery MonitorsOptiMate Portable Monitors updated for even easier instant battery checking.

Updated to be even more convenient, OptiMate Portable Battery Monitors now work with lithium (LFP), sealed lead-acid (AGM) and standard ‘wet cell’ lead-acid (STD) 12V vehicle batteries, so you can be confident it is giving an accurate reading, whatever type of battery is fitted to your bike.

A must for commuters, touring and year-round riders, OptiMate’s Portable Battery Monitors give an instant readout of battery health, and will also confirm if the vehicle charging system is working correctly; so you need never be caught out by a dead battery again.

Even more simple to use than before, you only need to choose the Monitor to suit the connection on your motorcycle:

  • O-125 plugs directly into a fitted SAE battery lead;
  • O-126 has a dual size plug that can fit either a Ø12mm DIN socket (found on BMW, Triumph and Ducati models) or the larger 21mm AUTO sockets common on other brands.

Both versions instantly display the charge level of any 12V LFP, AGM or STD battery on the easy-to-read LED display, and also show if the bike’s charging system is delivering the correct voltage while it’s running.

Unlike app-based monitors, they don’t rely on third party applications or devices, and draw almost zero power from the bike’s battery. Keeping the battery topped up is also easy, because any OptiMate charger can be plugged into the built-in SAE port on the monitor, whenever it indicates that the voltage has dropped below an efficient level.

Prices for OptiMate battery monitors start at £21.22 (including VAT) for the O-125. The O-126 sells for £26.42. Both are covered by a three-year warranty. For details of these and all other OptiMate products visit optimate1.com
Optimate Portable Battery Monitors

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See the complete OptiMate range of chargers and monitors at  www.optimate1.com.

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